Happy Alaska Day! [Anyone is welcome. <3 ]

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Happy Alaska Day! [Anyone is welcome. <3 ] Empty Happy Alaska Day! [Anyone is welcome. <3 ]

Post  Aiden/Alaska on Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:39 am

The air in the city of Sitka was festive as banners and various other decorations. Aiden himself was working on a large banner that streamed across the main street, reading: 'Welcome to celebration of the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood!'. It was his 'birthday', in a way, or at least the anniversary of when he was bought from Mother Russia and joined Al instead.

Sitka was the place of ceremonies due to the fact that on October 18th, 1867, it was the area where the Russian Double Eagle was lowered for the last time, and the Stars and Stripes made their first appearance over Alaskan soil in a ceremony formalizing the transfer of the territory of Alaska from Tsarist Russia to the United States of America.

Aiden finished up with the banner and moved on to setting up booths along the streets, where Food and other such things would be sold, and there were even some carnival-like children's games. His whole body was quivering with excitement ,nearly hitting himself in the hand a few times with a hammer as he worked.

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