How to RP on this forum~

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How to RP on this forum~ Empty How to RP on this forum~

Post  Alfred Jones/USA on Sat Oct 10, 2009 3:45 pm

OKAY HERE WE GO. Texas, I hope it's all right for me to post this. DX

  • Please post in third person, unless you're making an introduction in the intros forum. In that forum, it's all right to be in first.
  • Please make posts that are relevant. WE <3 EFFORT.
  • You CAN go OOC! Yes! If you'd like to talk as yourself, and not as your character, just put [ hr ] (remove the spaces) underneath your IC typings; it'll create a line break. Underneath that, go for it. In the chatboxes, parentheses are usually used for OOC comments.
  • Do not spam or troll, or, uh... be an idiot. If we get complaints about you, you'll get a warning in a PM. If you persist, and it's bad, you may be banned, and we'll find another RPer for your country/territory/province/county/state/whatever.

I'll add more if there are more to be added ^^/
Alfred Jones/USA
Alfred Jones/USA

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