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Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+) Empty Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+)

Post  Ryan/New York on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:39 pm

[19:52:54 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *slides his arms around FL* <3 it looks really hot! You totally gotta see it! *starts to undo his pants*

[19:56:12 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *grabs NY's hands, stopping them* You know, you were top last time. *looks at NY and smirks* It's my turn to top you, Ryan.

[19:57:27 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *blushes a little and nods his head, feeling his cock twitch from his words*

[19:57:32 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : I..I'm fine with that <3

[19:58:05 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *turns around to face NY complete and kisses him passionately on the lips*

[20:00:58 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *slides his arms around him, his grip much looser than usual, parting his lips softly for the other state*

[20:02:20 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *sticks tounge inside Ny's mouth, licking at each vrevice inside and sucking on NY's tounge occasionally*

[20:02:27 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : Mmmm...

[20:02:55 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *moans into the kiss, pressing his hips against FL's desperately, impatient*

[20:06:23 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *pulls NY's body to his, grinding himself against NY roughly and chuckles, moving his lips away from Ny's* My, aren't we horny today.

[20:10:07 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *Squirms a little, whimpering, staring up into the other's eyes* I-I've been thinking about you all day...I-I can't help it..

[20:12:04 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *chuckles and storkes NY's hair* So it would seem from the way you're reacting. *slips other hand down MY's body, and goes under his his, feeling the abs and chest underneath*

[20:13:03 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *a shiver runs down his spine from his touch, tugging on the other's hair needily, kissing him hard again* Mmm!'

[20:15:00 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *kisses back with tounge and moves hand under shirt to lightly caress NY's right nipple, which hardened immmediately and chuckles again, moving his lips away from NY's* You reall have missed me.

[20:15:07 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *really

[20:15:29 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *moves lips down NY's neck, and start to kiss and bite a it*

[20:15:33 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *at

[20:16:58 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : ahhnn.. *groans, tilting his head, giving him more access to the sensitive area* S-So badly... God, I want you so bad, Richard..

[20:18:18 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *licks at the sensitive spot on NY's neck then suddenly bites hard at that spot, pinching Ny's right nipple while doing so*

[20:19:47 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : Ahhh!! *bites his lip a little, whimpering, tugging ont he other's clothing* P..Please..<3

[20:23:10 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *licks at the hickey on NY's neck and smirks* You're skin tastes delicious. *removes shirt from Ny's body and begins to lick at the right nipple while rubbing and pinching the left one*

[20:24:26 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *breathing a little harder, watching him, desperate for more* W-What's it t-taste like..?

[20:29:22 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *looks up at NY, still rolling the left nipples between his fingers* Like your apples, actually. *licks slowly at nipple* Sweet... *lick* Juciy... *bites down this time, making NY bleed a lit

[20:30:04 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *tle then laps up blood from nipple with tounge* And oh so tempting to devour in one bite.

[20:36:12 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *moans louder, closing his eyes tightly, sliding his hands down the other man's sides, tugging on his clothing like a crazed animal*

[20:36:30 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : O-Oh god....Y-You're driving me wild, Rich...

[20:39:36 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *smirks and begins to move lower down NY's body, licking at the skin that was in front of his* I'm supposed to drive you wild, though. *looks at clothed erection through NY's pants and begins to s

[20:39:45 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *stroke it*

[20:53:53 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *groans, pushing into his hand eagerly, his cock throbbing painfully, sensitive from his new piercing* Mm..y-you do...God, I want you so bad..

[20:57:50 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *stands up suddenly, stops stroking NY's member and picks him up bridal style* Let's continue this in a more private setting, shall we?

[21:00:40 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : Ahh! *clings to him, surprised and nods his head* Y-Yeah..L-Let's go <3 *nuzzles his chest, can't wait*

[21:06:06 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *smiles happily and walks to NY's bedroom, and places him on the bed gently, then begins to remove Ny's pants and underwear at the same time*

[21:06:55 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *smirks then* Well, tsk on me, I'm still fully clothed. Mind helping me getting undressed, babe?

[21:13:26 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *lifts his hips up for him as he removes his pants, and sits up on his knees, prettymuch ripping the clothes right off him*

[21:17:03 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *chuckles and looks at NY's dick and begins to stroke it again* Oh, you're so huge today, Ryan~

[21:19:07 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *groans, admiring his body* god, look at yourself..anyone would be hard after seeing you...

[21:19:23 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *leans up and kisses him softly* Do you like my new piercing? *grin*

[21:24:31 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *grins a little* Nice. *mischevious smirk appears* I have an idea. *moves NY so he's laying down and facing his dick while Richard is looking at NY's* I know you haven't something in your moutn in a while&#

[21:24:53 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *, so have at it. *slowly licks NY's shaft then slips NY's cock in his mouth, sucking and licking at it*

[21:31:34 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *widens his eyes in surprise, thrusting his hips up into his mouth eagerly as he slides his tongue out of his mouth, slowly licking up the shaft, tracing a heart on the head with his to

[21:31:43 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *tongue*

[21:33:56 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *surprised by the hip thrust, but takes in NY's cock fully, bobbing his head up and down*

[21:34:11 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *moans as NY's dick is in his mouth*

[21:35:45 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *whimpers a little, lapping at the head before taking more of his shaft into his mouth, stroking the base with his hands* Mmm

[21:38:31 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *makes low sound of approval in the back of his throat, then slips a hand under NY's ass and grops him*

[21:38:56 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *gropes

[21:41:10 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *spreads his legs farther apart, taking him in as deep as he can at this angle, swirling his tongue along his length*

[21:48:18 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *groans as he continue to sucks NY's member, feeling that he would cum at any minute*

[21:51:19 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *moans louder, arching his back a little, pulling him out of his mouth* Ahhnn...R-Richard...Please..Please fuck me~

[21:56:36 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *removes mouth from NY's erection and grins at him* Fine with me? With or without lube this time?

[21:58:03 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : Mmm.. god do you even have to ask, baby? You know I love it rough *grin*

[22:02:38 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *smirks* Alright then. *moves to tower over NY and where his engorged member is at NY's entrance. Then, without warning, he thrusts into NY* Damn, you feel so good around me~

[22:04:24 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : Ahh!! *cries out, wrapping his arms around the other man tightly* R-Richard...Ahhnn..y-you're so big.

[22:06:29 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *chuckles* You're also pretty damn tight. *leans down and kisses NY on the lips and begins to slowly thrust in and out of NY*

[22:10:15 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *kisses him back roughly, diggging his nails into his back, squirming* Ahhnn..r-really? <3 mm..I-I love you, Richard

[22:12:18 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *was surprised at what NY said that he almost stopped, but continued on pounding into NY at an increasing pace* You mean that Ryan?

[22:13:59 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *blushes brightly and nods his head* Y-Yes..Of course..y-you're the only one I love~ nnn.. besides daddy

[22:16:38 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *laughs out loud a little, something he rarely does, and smiles downly lovingly at NY* I love you, too, Ryan. *has one hand stroke NY's hair where ahoge is, kisses his, and has

[22:16:57 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *the other hand sliding up and down NY's erection*

[22:17:07 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *him

[22:20:59 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *blushes, smiling shyly up at him, eyes flying open wider with surprise as his ahoge is touched* O-Oh god!! *tugs on the bed sheets* Ahhn!! I-I'm so close~

[22:22:33 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *pounds faster and harder into NY and lets out a low as he feels his orgasm coming up soon* A-ah! I'm coming! *releases his seed into NY*

[22:24:04 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : *arches his back, crying out as he reaches peak, covering himself with his cum as he releases* F-Fuck!!

[22:29:20 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *pants and removes hand from NY's cock, licking off the cum that was on his hand. He then laid down, pulled Ny against him,a nd smiled at him* I think a nap is in order.

[22:29:37 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *kisses NY on the lips softly* Love you, Ryan.

[22:31:37 07/10/09] Ryan/New York : He nodded his head, blushed, snuggling closer to him* Y-Yeah... *kisses him back happily* I love you too <3 sooo much

[22:34:06 07/10/09] Richard/Florida : *smiles, kisses him again, and holds NY closely as he drifts off to sleep*
Ryan/New York
Ryan/New York

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Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+) Empty Re: Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+)

Post  Richard/Florida on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:47 pm

So many spelling mistakes on my part, yet it's so YUMMY~!

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Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+) Empty Re: Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+)

Post  Ryan/New York on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:50 pm

Ryan/New York
Ryan/New York

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Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+) Empty Re: Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+)

Post  Richard/Florida on Thu Oct 08, 2009 10:52 pm

I'm glad I made the smex interesting and enjoyable. *bows*

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Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+) Empty Re: Chatbox fun FL x NY (18+)

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